The Garden Paths

A photo of a flagstoned garden path

Graceful.Dev Garden Paths are suggested pathways through curated selections of topics, delivered as courses. To skip straight to the garden path list, click here.

About the Garden Paths

Graceful.Dev originally grew out of the RubyTapas screencast series. The “tapas” in RubyTapas refers to the founding stylistic conceit of that show: to show you one new idea—one pattern, one library API, one new approach—in about five minutes. Since 2012, that catalog has grown to (at last count) almost seven hundred “one new ideas”.

Graceful.Dev has a wider scope than RubyTapas, but our tastes in how we approach developer training remain the same. We like making short, focused, relatively self-contained episodes/topics. And we give ourselves the creative freedom to talk about what we’re excited about, rather than trying to fit into fixed course-arcs.

But we also know that not everyone wants to learn by going through the hundreds of disorganized topics collected all together in The Tapastry. We know you’re probably here to learn about specific technologies or skills. So we’ve created the Garden Paths: suggested pathways through curated selections of the content.

The garden paths are living courses, meaning that they are continually growing, evolving, being groomed and updated. We break the courses down by level of maturity: germinating, growing, or mature:

  • Germinating paths have just barely gotten started. They may only have a handful of topics in their subject area.
  • Growing paths have a substantial amount of content, but are far from comprehensive and are expected to continue to grow considerably.
  • Mature courses have slowed down in their growth. They may acquire the occasional new or updated topic, but you can expect that if you revisit a mature path, it won’t have changed markedly since your first walkthrough.

A note on overlap: sometimes, a topic fits into multiple paths. In that case, we usually include it everywhere that it feels relevant. So, as you’re walking the paths you may occasionally run into topics you’ve seen before.

You can see a list of garden path courses below. But even broken down into courses, the amount of content here can still be pretty overwhelming. So we’ve also prepared some garden tours to help you decide where to start and what order to explore the garden paths.

The list