Service-Oriented Ruby

Consume and provide service APIs, build on legacy services, and architect robust services in Ruby.

No modern web or enterprise application is an island. Our apps depend on 3rd-party services for data storage, for payment processing, for geographical data, for a myriad different functions. Our apps, in turn, offer APIs for use by mobile apps or 3rd-party clients. And for more and more engineering organizations, breaking an application into cooperating services, microservices, or even “serverless” functions is becoming the go-to architecture for distributing responsibilities.

Modern apps, even “monolithic” ones, aren’t independent black boxes: they are interdependent within an ecosystem of services. In this world, applications need robust strategies for making requests of external services, providing stable and well-documented APIs, and handling the inevitable outages and bugs that crop up with service-oriented architectures.

Over the years, RubyTapas and Graceful.Dev have touched on many topics relevant to working with and providing services. This course collects together a number of these episodes. In these modules we’ll consider topics including:

  • Writing sturdy client code for external HTTP-based RESTful (and not-so-restful) APIs.
  • Providing stable and well-documented RESTful APIs
  • Why you might choose GraphQL over the RESTful style.
  • Distributed authorization with Ouath2
  • Techniques for consuming data from legacy web apps that don’t offer an API

…and more!

This course is a Graceful.Dev Garden Path, which means it is a guided pathway through a collection of (mostly) self-contained topics. Its status is: growing, meaning that there is a significant amount of material here already, and more is expected in the future.

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Course Includes

  • 4 Modules
  • 21 Topics