Rigorous Ruby

Design, verify, and safely refactor your Ruby code using mature testing disciplines and practices.

Rigorous Ruby is a course about testing your code. Focused on improving the design, style, and sturdiness of your automated developer tests, by the end you’ll:

  • Have greater confidence structuring your unit tests
  • Write tests that tell a clear story and make future maintainer’s jobs easier
  • Avoid common sources of brittle or flaky tests
  • Know when to use stubs, mock objects, and other test fakes… and more importantly, when not to
  • Leverage the expressive power of the RSpec testing framework, while avoiding some of its gotchas
  • Understand outside-in testing philosophy, starting with acceptance tests and dropping to lower-level tests as needed.
  • Be aware of how tools like Mutant can make your tests even more comprehensive and sturdy.

This course is a Graceful.Dev Garden Path, meaning it is a suggested pathway through a curated selection of self-contained topics. Its status is mature: new topics may still be added, but it is a fully fleshed-out course of study.

Prerequisites: this path assumes a fluent knowledge of Ruby. Consider following some or all of the Ruby Fluency Garden Tour before embarking on it!

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Course Includes

  • 8 Modules
  • 49 Topics