Put your Rails on a firm foundation

Put Your Rails on a Firm Foundation

The best way to help your engineers deliver sustainable Rails applications year after year is with deep mastery of the technologies and practices that underly Rails. Give them the gift of confident coding with advanced courses on Ruby, object-oriented design, testing, and continual refactoring from Graceful.Dev.

A couple of years ago... we started discussing [an] episode every week. The episodes covered every aspect of programming, from API design to making code more readable, addressing security concerns or how to build the best test suite for your applications... we decided to spend 30 min per week discussing the current episode and how we implemented that particular concept into our projects... we've been doing this every week for six years now 🤯

Àlex Rodríguez Bacardit

Strong Ruby Makes for Strong Rails.

Foundational libraries. Core concepts. Tricky “gotchas”. Essential tools. Elegant idioms. Domain-driven design. Performance tuning. Test-driven development. We’ve been teaching developers how to excel at Ruby development for over a decade (you might once have known us as RubyTapas). Our courses will give your engineers years of enrichment.

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