RUBYOPT and the Sneaky Shim

You need to insert a compatibility shim, diagnostics, or tracing code into a Ruby process… but you don’t have control over how the program is…

Ask the Runtime

It’s hard to eat a sandwich with a spoon, and it’s hard to debug dynamic programs with static tools. In this episode, we look at…

Ruby Block-Local Variable

Ruby’s variable-scoping rules can be a little surprising if you’re coming from a C-like language. Learn how to introduce variable “shadowing” to Ruby blocks, and…

Bouncer Method in Ruby

In which we discover a micro-pattern for extracting method input validations… with a uniquely Ruby twist at the end.

Ruby Sequencing Operator

A question about multiple activities to the left of a statement modifier leads to some language lawyering about control flow, precedence, and semicolons.

Hardened Ruby

Learn about common attack vectors and how to code defensively against them!

Deep Ruby

Understand Ruby better by digging deep into internals, implementations, and extending the language.