Valued Ruby

Create safe, sturdy code by modeling domain attributes as rich value objects.

Where do Private Methods Come From?

A question that I hear a lot is: "Do you test private methods? And if so, how?" In this, the first of a series, we'll talk about where private methods…

Mistake-Proof API

Learn how to eliminate a whole class of possible user interface mistakes by modifying your API design, making it impossible to even express incorrect …

From Hash to Value Object

Join guest chef Tom Dalling to see how Value Objects can function as contracts, documenting expectations at the integration points of our code. Along…

Minimum Viable Method

Is there such a thing as a method that is too small? Is it worth it to extract a method just to satisfy a guideline like the Law of Demeter?

Disposable Object

Treat your objects as disposable to cut down on mutable-state-based bugs.

Query to Command

"Tell, don't ask" is easy to say, but how do you actually put it into practice?