In this rare beginner-oriented episode, we're going to talk about looping constructs in Ruby, starting from the most basic infinite loops, and buildin…

Numbered Parameters

In a language full of expressive little shorthands, it's time to meet a new idiom! This one makes simple blocks even more concise.

Loop Golf

In which we try to match the brevity of C code, and learn some things along the way.

Chunk While

Today we'll apply another new Ruby 2.3 feature to a real-world problem.

each cons

Today's dish helps us to view arrays through a "sliding window".

Advanced Chunk

Today we continue our look at the Enumerable#chunk method, this time applying it to the problem of a streaming network protocol.


Chunking streams of data by some criterion is a technique with a broad range of applicability. In today's episode, we'll learn about Ruby's approach t…

Flat Map

Today we look at how we can tighten up our code with the #flat_map method.

Testing Retry

Ruby's "retry" keyword is powerful, but how do we test the code that uses it?


Today's episode is about creating lazy streams of data using Ruby's lazy enumerators.