Collected Ruby

Build, retrieve, search, transform, and reduce over collections of data in fluent, expressive, idiomatic Ruby.

Crystaline Ruby

Learn to use Ruby's most fundamental object types and methods with clarity and style. Enrich your vocabulary, and speak Ruby as a native!


Let's talk about Ruby's `.tap` method. How does it differ from related combinators? When should we use it? And... why is it called "tap", anyway?


Sometimes you just need to munge some XML. And Nokogiri makes processing massive quantities of XML easy and blazingly fast. Here's a quick tutorial to…


Ruby can be your multitool for all kinds of text-munging tasks. But to use it effectively, you need to understand how Ruby handles line endings and re…

Input Record Separator

Ruby has a lot of tools for processing input line-by-line. But when you look a little closer, it turns out that these methods are for more than just l…

Lazy Zip

Shiny protons! Infinite streams! Producer blocks! Lazy enumerators! In this video about using a functional style to work with potentially infinite col…


What does Ruby have to do with a classic fabric fastener? Read or watch to find out!

Console Width

Have you ever wondered how to tailor Ruby console output to the specific size of the user's terminal? In this video you'll learn how, using the `io/co…