Working Ruby

Putting it all together: Learn actionable practices and perspectives for the holistic practice of iterative development... by example!

Most of the Graceful.Dev / RubyTapas topics over the years have been tightly focused on a single idea or technique. But not all of them. The topics in this course take a more holistic perspective. Here, we zoom out, and explore what it looks like to code organically in Ruby.

This path gathers together a varied collection of videos that show iterative development as it happens: with experimentation, testing, design, and refactoring mixed together and supporting each other. Here you’ll also find pointers on the practice of development: advice for tackling vexing problems, and for tightening your feedback loops.

This course is a Graceful.Dev Garden Path, meaning it is a suggested pathway through a curated selection of self-contained topics. Its status is mature: new topics may still be added, but it is a fully fleshed-out course of study.

Prerequisites: This course is part of the Ruby for Graceful App Development Garden Tour, which situates it in a suggested order of courses.

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Course Includes

  • 4 Modules
  • 25 Topics