Black Friday Not-Sale (UPDATED)

UPDATE: The not-sale has ended, and here are the results!

A total of $835 in new purchases were made between Friday the 25th and Monday the 28th.

Thanks to you, we made donations to both UnhousedSTL and Direct Relief in the amount of $208.75.

Thank you again to everyone who participated!

From time to time people ask whether there will be a Black Friday sale on Graceful.Dev content. In the past my answer has always been “no”. Partly because I’ve historically made my annual birthday sales the center of my discount calendar. Partly because I’m usually too busy with family obligations around this time of year to think about a throwing a sale.

This year the answer is still “no”, but with a modification. This year if you purchase a subscription or one of our courses between Black Friday and Cyber Monday, we’ll donate half of the price to a good cause. (Purchases of books etc. from the Gumroad store will also be included!)

I’ve selected two of my favorite charities. One international and one local to my home city of St. Louis:

  • 25% to UnhousedSTL, a local (to me) organization that provides food, shelter, clothing, survival necessities, and advocacy for the unhoused community of St. Louis.
  • 25% to Direct Relief, an international humanitarian organization that seeks to aid victims of disasters with a minimum of bureaucratic overhead.

There’s no special coupon code needed. After the US holiday weekend we’ll tally up all new purchases made between November 25-28 and make donations accordingly. We’ll also post an update here on the site blog with the totals. For monthly subscriptions, the 50% will be calculated from the first month’s payment.

Thanks for your support of Graceful.Dev and of folks in need around the world. All of my best to you and yours. Stay graceful!

— Avdi