Async Ruby

Explore options for asynchrony in Ruby, including threads, mutexes, queues, Reactors, Futures, Promises, Fibers, Guilds and much more.

Async with the Reactor Pattern

Ever wondered how async frameworks such as Ruby's EventMachine or Node.JS work under the hood? Those frameworks are built on a technology known as the…

Async with Multiplexing

In our quest to coordinate asynchronous tasks, we've attempted a polling approach. Unfortunately, this strategy has some significant efficiency drawba…

Asynch with Polling

How can we make sure asynchronous work is done efficiently? In ep #2 of a series, we'll build one of the simplest possible solutions: a polling model.

Full Utilization

Let's talk about asynchronous code. How do we manage parallel-but-interdependent workflows without losing its place or wasting time? In the first of a…

Subprocesses Part 11: Fork

If you're making subprocesses on a UNIX-like OS, you're using fork(). Learn all about using fork() from Ruby.


In which we put some fears about thread-safety to the test, and to rest.

Log Thread

In this episode, we'll move logging into a dedicated, low-priority thread.