Bouncer Method in Ruby

In which we discover a micro-pattern for extracting method input validations… with a uniquely Ruby twist at the end.

Interpolation over Concatenation

Why do Ruby programmers use so much String interpolation where other devs might prefer concatenation? Join Jessitron and Avdi for a dialog on language…

Don’t Use Greater-Than

You know there are some programming language features you're just not supposed to use: `goto`. Global variables. The greater-than operator. Wait, the …

Better Code with Mutant

Mutation testing isn't just for better tests. In this screencast with Daniel Gollahon, you'll see how the mutant gem can help you write cleaner, safer…

Detect Map

A tricky little functional programming puzzle, with an elegant solution.

Partial Safe Navigation

Today we learn about why it pays to be judicious in application of the Ruby "safe navigation" operator.