Announcing the Expert Rubyist Bundle, and a Birthday Sale

Here at Graceful.Dev we offer individual courses for busy software professionals, as well as an all-inclusive ongoing membership. Until now, we haven’t offered anything in between those two points.

That changes today, with the introduction of The Expert Rubyist Bundle.

Why this bundle? To put it plainly, this is about addressing a market reality: almost twenty years after the release of the Ruby on Rails web framework, quite a lot of the modern web—especially ecommerce—runs on Ruby. For many developers, expert-level Ruby proficiency will be key to unlocking a rewarding career progression. In fact, according to, Ruby and Ruby on Rails are now the most in-demand skills for software engineering roles.

Graceful.Dev courses can help with that! But maybe you’re not ready for an ongoing subscription. And that’s what this new bundle is about: Six of our core courses on deep Ruby proficiency, yours for life, at a fraction of their individual cost.

  • Flawless Ruby: The course-after-the-bootstrap-course, inducting you into essential idioms and techniques. (Currently available for free)
  • Scintillating Ruby:  A deeper dive into core Ruby syntax and semantics.
  • Crystaline Ruby: Where you’ll learn to use Ruby’s most fundamental object types and methods with clarity and style.
  • Strung Ruby: A deep dive into working deftly with strings and regular expressions.
  • Collected Ruby: A masterclass in using Ruby’s collection classes and Enumerable API to your advantage.
  • Modular Ruby: In which you’ll learn to compose your program’s various concerns robustly, using modules and files.

Separately these courses would cost you $375. With this bundle you’ll get immediate access to all of them for less than half of that.

But you can save even more: Every year on my birthday, I throw a sale. This year, to celebrate both my birthday and the release of this bundle, you can get The Expert Rubyist Bundle for just $99. Use the code HAPPY0X2B to claim the deal at checkout. This offer is good only from my birthday, July 5, to the end of the week.

Thanks for helping me celebrate my 43rd, and I look forward to seeing you on Graceful.Dev!

— Avdi