The Expert Rubyist Bundle

Six courses. Hundreds of videos on expert Ruby skills. One low price.

From Kickstarter to Hulu to Stripe to Square to Shopify to Etsy to Twitch, a lot of the modern web runs on the Rails web framework. And Rails, in turn, is built on Ruby.

If you’re professional web developer in today’s market—or if you’re working on becoming one—Ruby proficiency can be the key to leveling-up your career. Deep fluency in the Ruby language can make you an essential resource for your team.

Here at Graceful.Dev, we’ve been teaching busy Ruby programmers how to do what they do, only better, for over a decade. With our start as the screencast site RubyTapas, we’ve become a resource Rubyists trust when they need to know: how does an expert do this?

Our flagship offering is ongoing membership in our ever-evolving garden of content. But maybe you don’t have the time or budget for all that right now. You need to level-up your Ruby chops, and you need to do it yesterday.

That’s what this bundle is about. Six of our core courses on deep Ruby proficiency, yours for life, at a fraction of their individual cost.

  • Flawless Ruby: The course-after-the-bootstrap-course, inducting you into essential idioms and techniques. (Currently available for free)
  • Scintillating Ruby:  A deeper dive into core Ruby syntax and semantics.
  • Crystaline Ruby: Where you’ll learn to use Ruby’s most fundamental object types and methods with clarity and style.
  • Strung Ruby: A deep dive into working deftly with strings and regular expressions.
  • Collected Ruby: A masterclass in using Ruby’s collection classes and Enumerable API to your advantage.
  • Modular Ruby: In which you’ll learn to compose your program’s various concerns robustly, using modules and files.

Separately these courses would cost you $375. With this bundle you’ll get immediate access to all of them for less than half of that.


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