Bouncer Method in Ruby

In which we discover a micro-pattern for extracting method input validations… with a uniquely Ruby twist at the end.

Interpolation over Concatenation

Why do Ruby programmers use so much String interpolation where other devs might prefer concatenation? Join Jessitron and Avdi for a dialog on language…

Nested Class

Want to cut down on the mental friction of good object design? Use this organic approach to sprouting new classes in Ruby!

Numbered Parameters

In a language full of expressive little shorthands, it's time to meet a new idiom! This one makes simple blocks even more concise.


Discover how to use Ruby's `yield_self`/`then` method to organize methods into neat pipelines of operations! Join guest chef Nithin Bekal for an educa…

Minimum Viable Method

Is there such a thing as a method that is too small? Is it worth it to extract a method just to satisfy a guideline like the Law of Demeter?