Strung Ruby

Ruby's facilities for working with strings are second to none. Learn how to leverage that power in searching, replacing, parsing, and transforming …

Lazy, Greedy Regular Expressions

Laziness and greed: in regular expressions, both can be virtues… but not at the same time. In this video we learn about a tiny toggle…

Grep, Sort, Uniq

As we continue exploring Ruby one-liner alternatives to UNIX command-line operations, today we tackle a common case: a combination of grepping through…

Ruby as a Filter

Learn how Ruby's -p flag along with a bunch of handy shortcuts can take a script's worth of text filtering and shrink it to a one-liner!

Composed Regex

Regular expressions can quickly grow to be large, dense, and impenetrable. In today’s episode you’ll learn how Ruby helps you compose them out of …

Extended Regex Syntax

Regular expressions are sometimes accused of being a write-only language. Learn how to clarify your patterns with Ruby's extended regex syntax!

Rake Regex Rule

In this episode we'll learn to use advanced Rake rules to define and track arbitrarily complex file dependencies.