Create Seam

Can’t make changes without refactoring. Can’t refactor without tests. Can’t add tests without making changes. Learn how to break the cycle!

Bouncer Method in Ruby

In which we discover a micro-pattern for extracting method input validations… with a uniquely Ruby twist at the end.

Working Ruby

Putting it all together: Learn actionable practices and perspectives for the holistic practice of iterative development... by example!

Refined Ruby

Master the art of code construction in Ruby: learn micro-patterns, idioms, and refactoring techniques to guide you through the myriad tiny question…

Sprout Class

In the conclusion of a three-part series, we discover the final piece of the "testing private methods" puzzle.

Where do Private Methods Come From?

A question that I hear a lot is: "Do you test private methods? And if so, how?" In this, the first of a series, we'll talk about where private methods…

Aphorism to Empiricism

Join guest chef Kerri Miller for a whirlwind tour of three essential utilities for evaluating specific qualities of a Ruby codebase. See how to map ou…

Exploratory Refactoring

Playfully experiment with potentially redesigns of your Rails code, by temporarily removing ActiveRecord dependencies that would otherwise cramp your …

The TOO HARD Code Smell

Programming is hard, but sometimes we can overcomplicate things for ourselves. Join guest Chris Doyle to learn why a problem that feels "TOO HARD" is …

API Design for productivity

You've heard of User Experience (UX), but what about DevX? Join Aja Hammerly to learn how to give your APIs a great Developer Experience.