Ruby's Arrays are remarkably flexible and useful data structures, but they aren't always the right choice. Learn how using a data abstraction that enf…

Date Math

Calculating dates in the past or future, without the assistance of ActiveSupport.

StringIO Test Fake

Today we learn about how the StringIO class can help us test methods that work with files.


After many passing mentions, StringIO finally gets its own episode!

Fiddle Importer

Today we learn a valuable shortcut for calling C libraries from within Ruby.


In this episode, we'll learn how to call out to C libraries directly from Ruby code.

Word Wrap

The Ruby standard library omits a method for wrapping text at word boundaries. Today we'll look at a few different ways to fill this gap.


Today we'll learn how to answer our optimization questions with hard data.


Today we'll look at how to automate interactive console programs from Ruby.