Garden Tours

There are a lot of courses on Graceful.Dev! How do you choose in which order to take them? Well, here are some suggested paths through the paths…

Maturing as a Developer

  1. First off, if you are working in Ruby at all, get a firm grounding in testing philosophy and practice with Rigorous Ruby
  2. Furnish your development environment with The Graceful Toolshed
  3. Peer deep into your programs with Investigative Debugging
  4. Broaden and deepen your practice with Practices of a Graceful Developer
  5. Learn one of the most important technologies for sustainable large-scale application development with Introduction to Observability.
  6. Learn containerization skills that will serve you in almost any type of app development in Reproducible Development with Containers.

The Ruby Fluency Tour

Want to speak Ruby like a native? This path-of-paths is for you…

  1. Flawless Ruby: a “Ruby 201” course, intended for after you complete your first intro-to-Ruby book or course.
  2. Scintillating Ruby: A deeper dive into core Ruby syntax and semantics.
  3. Crystaline Ruby: Learn to use Ruby’s most fundamental object types and methods with clarity and style.
  4. Strung Ruby: Work deftly with Ruby strings and regular expressions.
  5. Collected Ruby: Learn to interact skillfully with Ruby’s collection classes and Enumerable API.
  6. Modular Ruby: Learn how to robustly compose your program’s various concerns using modules and files.
  7. Functional Ruby: Learn to look at problems from the Functional Programming perspective, in Ruby.
  8. Inspecting Ruby: Leverage Ruby’s dynamism to understand and debug your code’s runtime behavior with.

Where to after you’ve completed all of these? A great next step is Refined Ruby, where you’ll learn to apply your Ruby skills to idiomatic code-construction patterns.

Ruby for Graceful App Development

After the Ruby Fluency tour, move to…

  1. Rigorous Ruby for a firm grounding in a skill that will form the foundation for everything else you’ll learn: how to write tests for your code strategically, effectively, and pragmatically. Then dive into…
  2. Refined Ruby, to start learning how to apply your skills to code-construction patterns and refactorings. Then move on to…
  3. Master the Object-Oriented Mindset in Ruby and Rails (MOOM), which will give you a solid foundation in how to think about business domain modeling from an object-oriented perspective. From there move to…
  4. Domain Modeling in Ruby, which builds on MOOM and digs deeper into essential domain-modeling patterns. Then tackle…
  5. Watch how these patterns, practices, and refactorings come together organically in Working Ruby
  6. Get expert guidance on logging, failure management, and performance optimization with Robust Ruby

Ruby for Web and Enterprise Applications

Once you’re don with the “Graceful App Development” tour, why not check out:

  1. Service-Oriented Ruby. Then take a stroll through…
  2. The Ruby Railyard for some Ruby on Rails-specific topics.
  3. Add Hardened Ruby for security considerations.
  4. Check out Introduction to Observability to understand how to better comprehend your apps and services in-production.

Ruby for Tools and Glue Code

Start with the Ruby Fluency tour. Then check out…

  1. Utility Ruby to learn how to leverage Ruby as a powerful glue language and command-line swiss-army knife.
  2. Persistent Ruby for a thorough grounding in storing, retrieving, and interpreting data.
  3. Systems Ruby for a deep dive into interfacing with your operating system.
  4. Sparkling Ruby for some tips and tricks for writing rich command-line tools.
  5. Practical Project Automation with Rake
  6. Consider Async Ruby for insights into options for Ruby concurrency.

The Ruby Mastery Tour

Can’t get enough Ruby? We’ve got you covered.

  1. First off, learn to work with Ruby’s ultra-dynamic nature in Meta Ruby
  2. Bone up on Essential Ruby Gems
  3. Dive into Deep Ruby
  4. Explore Async Ruby
  5. Wander the The Stumpery for weird obscure stuff from the past.