Ruby Hash Shortcut Syntax

Why say something twice, when you can say it just once? In this episode by Noel Rappin, co-author of Programming Ruby 3.3, you’ll learn a…

Unary Operators in Ruby

A bit of seemingly-nonsensical Ruby behavior leads us to a discussion of unary operators, parsing heuristics, and the vital importance of whitespace.

Ruby Block-Local Variable

Ruby’s variable-scoping rules can be a little surprising if you’re coming from a C-like language. Learn how to introduce variable “shadowing” to Ruby blocks, and…

Ruby Sequencing Operator

A question about multiple activities to the left of a statement modifier leads to some language lawyering about control flow, precedence, and semicolons.

Hash Splat Merge

In today's video, learn a concise and expressive syntax for merging several Ruby hashes into one!

Numbered Parameters

In a language full of expressive little shorthands, it's time to meet a new idiom! This one makes simple blocks even more concise.

Composed Regex

Regular expressions can quickly grow to be large, dense, and impenetrable. In today’s episode you’ll learn how Ruby helps you compose them out of …