Scintillating Ruby

Learn the ins, outs, and gotchas of Ruby's rich syntax and semantics.

The beet juice flows, the crystal clinks, the canape trays are full of fresh chunky bacon… and you’re holding a crowd spellbound with your impeccable Ruby language finesse. Sound good? Then welcome to Scintillating Ruby, an advanced course in Ruby fluency! This course of bite-sized topics is focused on deeply understanding Ruby syntax and semantics.

Prerequisites: Scintillating Ruby builds on the contents of Flawless Ruby. We encourage you to complete that course before starting on this one. It is also a sibling course to Crystaline Ruby, in the Ruby Fluency Garden Tour. Where this course is centered on language syntax and semantics, Crystaline Ruby is focused on making full use of Ruby’s core classes and methods.

This course is a Graceful.Dev Garden Path, meaning it is a suggested pathway through a curated selection of self-contained topics. Its status is mature: new topics may still be added, but it is a fully fleshed-out course of study.

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Course Includes

  • 6 Modules
  • 52 Topics