Strung Ruby

Ruby's facilities for working with strings are second to none. Learn how to leverage that power in searching, replacing, parsing, and transforming strings of data. Along the way, level-up your regular expression skills!

Strung Ruby is an advanced course in working with text strings (and non-text strings, for that matter) in Ruby. You’ll learn practical techniques for searching, modifying, and formatting strings. In the process, you’ll learn to sling Regular Expressions like a pro!

Like most of the Garden Paths, this is less a comprehensive course of study and more of a random walk through some highlights. The content is organized into four broad areas:

  • Ruby’s various APIs for searching and replacing text
  • A dive into Ruby’s extraordinarily powerful regular expression searching enginge
  • How to parse non-text data (such as dates) out of strings
  • Tools for transforming data into the form you need

This course is a Graceful.Dev Garden Path, meaning it is a suggested pathway through a curated selection of self-contained topics. Its status is mature: new topics may still be added, but it is a fully fleshed-out course of study.

Prerequisites: this path is part of the Ruby Fluency Garden Tour.

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Course Includes

  • 5 Modules
  • 29 Topics