Hardened Ruby

Learn about common attack vectors and how to code defensively against them!

The Stumpery

Welcome to the Graceful.Dev junk drawer, where we keep stuff that doesn't fit anywhere else...

Investigative Debugging

Investigative debugging is the practice of using the full diagnostic arsenal at our disposal, along with our special privileges as ma…

Deep Ruby

Understand Ruby better by digging deep into internals, implementations, and extending the language.

Beyond Ruby

A garden tour of programming languages, from a Rubyist's perspective.

Functional Ruby

Apply functional ideas like Referential Transparency, Immutability, Functional Composition, and Pattern-Matching in practical, idiomatic Ruby code

Utility Ruby

Ruby has a secret hobby: acting as the perfect glue language for all kinds of utility work. Learn about Ruby's rich features for munging data and conn…

Sparkling Ruby

Learn tips, tricks, and gems for communicating interactively with users, at the command line and in other contexts.