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Hi there! Welcome to Graceful.Dev, a garden of advanced developer training from Avdi Grimm & friends. If you’re here, you probably followed the link from one of our free videos on YouTube. Welcome!

Here at Graceful.Dev you’ll find hundreds of videos organized into dozens of living courses cultivated to deepen and enrich your programming practice. Join Graceful.Dev for:

  • Our unparalleled collection of courses on Ruby-language mastery
  • Web application design patterns
  • Refactoring strategies for legacy codebases
  • Pragmatic tips for working with common tools like Git and Docker
  • Strategies for working effectively as a team and leveling-up as a developer
  • …and much, much more.

All of it offered in our signature “tapas” style of short, sharp, succinct episodes that will teach you one new idea in the time it takes to brew a coffee.

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