Literal Expectation

In tests is it better to assert against model attributes, or against literal values? In this episode, you'll see why one option is clearly preferable …


Learn about a useful tool for generating realistic-but-fake data for examples and tests.

StringIO Test Fake

Today we learn about how the StringIO class can help us test methods that work with files.

Mocking Smells 4

As we continue examining code smells in mockist tests, today we turn our attention to code that mocks out core I/O calls.

Instance Spy

Afraid your RSpec examples are giving you a false sense of security? Today we'll learn how to restore trust using verifying doubles.

Test Spies

Today we'll make some message expectations read better using RSpec's support for test spies.

Mocking Smells 3

Some more indications that you might not be using Mock Objects to best advantage.

Mocking Smells 2

Today we continue in our series examining mock-object code smells.