Interpolation over Concatenation

Why do Ruby programmers use so much String interpolation where other devs might prefer concatenation? Join Jessitron and Avdi for a dialog on language…

Function Pipelining in Ruby

Have you ever looked at function "pipelines" in FP languages like Elixir and F# and wished Ruby had them? Let's explore the equivalents Ruby provides …

Hash Subset

A new feature in Ruby 2.3 makes it easier to compare hashes by value.

Pattern Matching

Ever wanted to have fancy pattern-matching in Ruby like that found in languages like Erlang or Elixir? Well, today we'll construct the ability to do j…


We know that Value Objects are useful; today we'll meet a gem that makes them easier to build.

Spaceship Revisited

In episode 205 we introduced the spaceship (<=>) operator, but we also introduced an incompatibility with how Ruby's builtin comparisons work. Today w…

Identity And Equality

Today's episode deals with the concepts of identity and equality - what makes one object equal to another.

Array Set Operations

Sometimes we'd like to treat Ruby arrays like sets, in which each item is unique. Today's dish shows how!


Ruby has both symbolic and English forms of the logical "and" and "or" operators. Which one to choose may seem like a matter of taste, but that assump…