Service-Oriented Ruby

Consume and provide service APIs, build on legacy services, and architect robust services in Ruby.


Have you ever needed to understand the HTTP[S] communication between a client program and its server? Learn to use the mitmproxy server to spy on HTTP…

Understanding OAuth2… with Horses!

If you're integrating your software with a web service these days, chances are you have to use OAuth2 to authorize it. Here's a little story about a h…

Why GraphQL?

Join guest chef Nat Budin to see how a traditional RESTful API can lead to an inefficient client/server conversation. You'll see what a GraphQL altern…

Savon & SOAP APIs

Learn how to build well-tested interfaces to legacy SOAP-based legacy web APIs from your Ruby application, from guest chef Beth Haubert!

JSON API in Rails – Part 2

Last week Youssef Chaker demonstrated the risks in adding a quick, ad-hoc JSON endpoint. Today he's going to show you how to leverage JSON-API to crea…

JSON API in Rails – Part 1

It's one thing to add a basic JSON endpoint. Another to grow an API that's consistent, predictable, well-documented, and fails gracefully. Join guest …


Do you really need that web framework?


In which we say hello to a promising alternative to Ruby's standard Net::HTTP library.