Site News #7

Hey there graceful devs, here’s what’s new!

Content Updates

  • Introduction to Observability, by Jessica “Jessitron” Kerr, is ready to take you from zero to competent in using Honeycomb to learn from your production code. There’s still more content and polish to come (we do living courses around here, after all…), but if you’ve been holding off waiting for it to be more fill-in, now is a great time to dive in!
  • Systems Thinking: Speaking of Jessitron, the other day she had an idea for a topic that didn’t fit into any of our existing categories. So, please welcome the Systems Thinking for Software Developers course to the fold. First topic: construct shared understanding together. If you want to see more in this vein, let us know!

Site Improvements

  • New host, who dis: A major concern in rolling out Graceful.Dev as a successor to RubyTapas et al was a) to pick a new, beefier host; and moreover b) to have the procedures and competency to shift site hosts without a lot of drama should the need arise again. This has paid off: as of Sunday the 6th, Graceful.Dev is now hosted by Cloudways. I don’t want to make too many forward-looking statements about brand-new hosting, but a lot of research and trialing went into settling on them, and my onboarding experience has been excellent so far.
  • Pro membership discounts for course buyers: a few people have asked me if there will be discounts for course buyers to “upgrade” to a full Pro membership. This is now a thing: if you’re a single-course owner and you use your profile menu to go to the Special Offers page, you should see a special membership offer based on your course ownership.
  • Handier search: this one’s small – you can now search the whole site straight from the course-mode sidebar:
A screenshot showing the new Search box in the course-mode sidebar

That’s it for now. Stay graceful,

— Avdi