Site News #3: News about site news!

Hello there Graceful Devs!

Lots more behind-the-scenes work on the site since the last update:

  • The biggest new user-visible feature is a bit meta: you can now update your preferences for receiving Site News updates (like this one!) and new Topic notifications right from your account profile (Profile -> Edit -> Email News Preferences).
  • There’s a new Help section. Not much there yet, but it will grow.
  • We’re now prepared to take on new multi-seat accounts. If you want to make your whole team Graceful, hit us up!
  • I’d been holding off on publicizing the new site much outside of existing members, because the story for purchasing new subscriptions and courses wasn’t all there. We’ve now completed our switch to a new checkout provider (ThriveCart) and our doors are officially open!
    • BTW, no shade at all to our previous provider, Gumroad. They are fantastic and we recommend them. They are simply structured more around fulfilling products internally, whereas ThriveCart is oriented more towards integrating tightly with external membership systems like the one we use here at Graceful.Dev.

We’ve content updates too:

Coming up soon:

  • Roll in even more content from outside Graceful.Dev. I’ve got some separate products that I think would fit well as part of the complete Pro experience, as well as a project I’ve been quietly working on for a while that I think might be suitable to be published here 😉
  • Move the “freebies” – RubyTapas videos that I’ve made free-to-all – into Graceful.Dev, and re-start the freebie publishing program.
  • Import comments from the old MOOM Discourse forum.

That’s all for now. Cheers,

— Avdi & the Graceful.Dev Team