Site News #14: Bug fixes & new video

Hi there graceful devs!

Things are settling down in the Graceful.Dev garden after my big birthday sale. Now that the big push to organize all past topics into Garden Paths is done, I’ve had some time to make a new screencast! I’ve also been working on bug fixes and system updates, as always.

Content Updates

  • Inspired by a member comment, Ruby Sequencing Operator is a brand new addition to Scintillating Ruby (and to The Tapastry). In a quest for expressive guard clauses, it goes into some Ruby syntax minutiae around statement modifiers, semicolons, and chaining statements together.

Site Updates

Lots of small fixes and updates.

  • Clean up some old shortcodes in the MOOM course.
  • Fix a transient bug that rendered the Blog page blank
  • Fix some messed-up comment formatting in Flawless Ruby
  • Upgrade to the WordPress 6 and LearnDash 4 (delayed til after the birthday sale).
  • Address some topic organization issues in Rigorous Ruby
  • Turn off Groups. No one was using them. They might return in another form someday…
  • Fix issue where some MOOM students couldn’t access the MOOM forum
  • Improve styling of comment reply buttons
  • Make Pay with a Postcard its own page and make the option more prominent
  • Some homepage tweaks
  • Add a Help menu link to the feature request forum
  • Remove some plugins that weren’t adding value

That’s all for now. Stay graceful,

— Avdi