Cancelling Your Pro Membership

Graceful.Dev isn’t for everyone; and sometimes you just don’t have time. If you want to cancel your Pro membership, here’s how to do it.

A factor that can make cancelling your Pro membership a little confusing is that Graceful.Dev accounts can come from any of several sources:

  • Purchased via the site’s ThriveCart integration.
  • Purchased externally via Gumroad
  • Conferred by a legacy RubyTapas account.

Fortunately, you can find out which one pretty easily:

  1. Go to your account menu (in the upper-right corner) -> Membership -> Subscriptions / Products
  2. You’ll see a listing indicating which store or other source your membership came from. Click on the membership listing to manage your subscription at the relevant source.

For convenience, here are some direct links to the subscription management consoles for common membership sources:

If you run into any difficulties canceling, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.