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    Posted by Avdi Grimm on 2022-09-21 at 12:53

    Let’s get to know each other! Say hello, tell us a little about yourself. What are you working on? What brought you to Graceful.Dev? What do you hope to learn more about?

    Hannah Shaw replied 5 days, 19 hours ago 8 Members · 8 Replies
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  • Avdi Grimm

    2022-09-21 at 12:59

    I’ll start! I’m Avdi, I like pie and poetry readings and as of when I’m writing this, I just started taking very first hip-hop dance class. Tech-wise, I’ve been thinking a lot about thinking in processes over thinking in objects, and the limits of encapsulation.

  • Stephan Kämper

    2022-10-01 at 05:52

    Hi I’m Stephan,

    I’m a programming software tester, former oceanographer and now all-year open water swimmer. It’s especially the winter swimming that gives me a kick – and ability to focus.

    I hope that I can learn more about some higher level aspects of programming, rather than syntax and single classes. After all object-orientation (as I understand it so far) is about the collaboration of objects to achieve a goal.

  • Jonathan Smith

    2022-10-07 at 15:40

    I’m Jonathan. I work in the news industry, officially as a “lead architect” on programs used to predict the outcome of US elections. In practice I write quite a lot of the back-end and front-end code so “lead programmer” or “software engineer” might be a better description.<div>I am about to release a system for use in November. It has been running parallel in various versions for the primary elections since May. The back-end and most model code is Kotlin and the front-end consists of five SPAs written in Typescript. It is designed around an actor architecture implemented with Kotlin’s coroutines. It keeps about 6,000 statistical models up to date (within a second as data arrives) and provides a convent user interface for browsing vote data and projections.

    I used Ruby years ago and I miss it. There seems to be quite a bit of discussion about functional programming online and not that much about object-oriented design. It’s too bad since OOP (or perhaps object-functional thinking) is really how I see the world. In my opinion object-oriented thinking complements rather than conflicts with a functional programming. To me OOP is really about programming as knowledge representation and modeling the world in terms of message passing.

    I study and explore during my breaks from coding. I saw a mention of Graceful Dev in a Ruby conference video on You Tube and decided to take a look. It seems far more interesting and relevant than most online learning materials I’ve seen.

    Next year my work life will be much quieter. I hope. I am planning a 2023 side project that will involve Ruby and also use Rust for the bits that have to be fast. The project will be limited to 2023 as I expect 2024 will be professionally demanding as well as emotionally trying for me and many others in the US.


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  • Mauricio Fuentes

    2022-10-11 at 18:02


    I’m Mauricio from Chiloé Island, Chile (native spanish speaker). Former business administrator, and passionate musician (trumpet player) I really love abstraction (in a light way) and I’ve been studying to become a software developer for a while, I’m really happy following the courses here at gracefull dev, and Hoppe to learn the minimun requisites to land a new job as a developer as soon as posible

    Here’s a live show from us, if you like to watch some “Chilotean” Music, it’s really charged with poetry from the islands of southern pacific (Hope you enjoy it)

  • Banjoko Oluwaseun

    2022-10-24 at 17:54

    My name is Banjoko Oluwaseun, I am a Nigerian currently residing in the United Kingdom. I am currently unlearning and relearning my knowledge of the Ruby stack

  • Troy Graves

    2022-10-28 at 10:04

    I’m Troy, a student at Launch School (a self-paced, mastery-based program in software development), on their Ruby track. I’m in the last couple months of studying Ruby before starting the front-end material. I really like Ruby, and the stuff I’ve come across from Avdi online has been a help and inspiration along the way, so I joined up here to cement and expand on what I’ve learned so far.
    I’m starting on the late side (at 55) and as much as I’ve enjoyed the learning track, I hope to get my first job in the next year!

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  • Chan Myae San Hlaing

    2022-10-30 at 19:17

    Hi I am Chan.

    I am originally from Myanmar (Burma) but currently living in Tokyo, Japan. I’ve been working as a ruby developer for about 9 years and currently working on a rails codebase as old as my career.

    I’ve been a fan of Avdi’s books and talks for years now. I think Ruby tapas give you something that you can’t easily find on the internet once you get passed the stage of just following tutorials and start building real world applications.

    I also love having aha! moments when Avdi takes some exotic ruby features that I don’t even know existed or that I know but not sure how they work.

  • Hannah Shaw

    2023-01-21 at 16:03

    Howdy! I’m Hannah, and I’m new here, though not new to Ruby. Once upon a time, back toward the beginning of my programming journey, I used to hack on Rails apps as a solo dev. But for the past few years, it’s been all JavaScript all the time for me. I like JS well enough, but I miss the delight of well-crafted Ruby, and want to get back in touch with it! I also now have my first-ever senior position- but upon ascending that peak, I discovered that what was next was simply another mountain. Containers, observability, and so many other things I still need to learn to grow my practice as an engineer!

    Outside of code, I’m a big fan of classic electronic music (house, techno, jungle, hip-hop, you name it!) and progressive & psychedelic rock- I DJ a little, when I have the time. I also like classic steel-frame road bikes and film cameras, and own entirely too many books (if such a thing is possible).

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