Focus Survey 2022

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In the summer of 2021, I turned my attention full-time to my “banana stand“. As I put it in the intro post to this site, my quest was to create a platform for the next ten years of growing the developer training I want to see in the world. And while my TODO list is always a mile long, we’ve come a long way in that direction in the last six months or so:

  • All the (LAC) content has been migrated into this site, and LAC shut down.
  • All 650+ episodes of RubyTapas content have been brough into the site as The Tapastry, and RubyTapas has been closed to new members (it remains available for legacy members to manage their subscriptions).
  • The Robust Ruby course has been migrated over from Podia.
  • The course Reproducible Development with Containers has been extracted from Tapastry content.
  • Most of the old forums and comment threads have been migrated in.
  • New courses have been germinated, like Intro to O11y and A Course About Project Automation.
  • We’ve made innumerable tweaks to content, features, and style make the site feel fresh, welcoming, modern, and well-groomed.
  • I’ve re-started production of The Capacitor Sessions (part of Master the Object-Oriented Mindset) and other promised work-in-progress content.
  • Most recently, we’ve switched to a hosting provider that’s more that’s more appropriate for a membership site, with a clear path to adding future horsepower as needed.

Graceful.Dev feels “real” now. It’s time to take a step back, and think about what to prioritize next.

I’m just one guy with some occasional collaborators, so much as I might like to do everything all at once, practically there’s a limit to what I can focus on. And since it’s ultimately all for you, the site members, I thought I’d ask you where you would like to see me focus my energies.

If you’d take the time to fill out the short survey below, I’d greatly appreciate it!


— Avdi

The Survey

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