It’s time to develop with devcontainers!

It's Time for Devcontainers

Week-long project onboarding? “Works on my machine”? Software version conflicts between projects? Days of catchup after your laptop bites the dust?  

These concepts are as obsolete as developing without version control. The future is devcontainers: fully-featured, versioned, reproducible development environments that run immediately on any machine with a Docker installation. Or in the cloud, shared by collaborating coworkers. 

Here at Graceful.Dev we’ve been assembling a course on containerized development. Like all of our courses, it’s a “living course”, with new content being added to it as we learn and distill what we’ve learned. Here’s what it consists of right now:

Look good? You can get access to the course in its current state (along with all the other courses in the Graceful.Dev catalog!) right now by by joining as a Pro member.

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