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As a Ruby developer, there's a good chance you already know the name James Edward Gray II. James is a Rubyist from way back in the pre-Rails days. He's founding a host of the Ruby Rogues podcast that I also co-host. He's written some books, including the Best of Ruby Quiz , a personal favorite of mine. And he has given some truly mind-expanding conference talks on Ruby and Rails.

James is also a RubyTapas subscriber. Recently, he watched episode 144, where I used enumerator methods to generate random hex codes in bulk. He felt that he could improve on the technique I used in that episode.

Now, when James Gray says he can improve a piece of code, I pay careful attention. I asked him if he would bring his version of the code to the RubyTapas subscribers. To my great delight, he agreed. So today I'm quite excited to present the very first RubyTapas guest host: James Gray. Take it away, James!