• 5 Modules

    Reproducible Development with Containers

    Go from zero to committing in half an hour. Develop in the cloud. Share your development environment improvements with everyone on your team, instantly. Make development environment setup a non-event. For a preview, see Avdi's QCon Talk and InfoQ Article on Devcontainers.

  • 8 Modules

    Rigorous Ruby

    Design, verify, and safely refactor your Ruby code using mature testing disciplines and practices.

  • 5 Modules

    Robust Ruby

    Get expert guidance on logging, failure management, and performance optimization in Ruby

  • 6 Modules

    Scintillating Ruby

    Learn the ins, outs, and gotchas of Ruby's rich syntax and semantics.

  • 4 Modules

    Service-Oriented Ruby

    Consume and provide service APIs, build on legacy services, and architect robust services in Ruby.
  • 5 Modules

    Sparkling Ruby

    Learn tips, tricks, and gems for communicating interactively with users, at the command line and in other contexts.
  • 5 Modules

    Strung Ruby

    Ruby's facilities for working with strings are second to none. Learn how to leverage that power in searching, replacing, parsing, and transforming strings of data. Along the way, level-up your regular expression skills!

  • 6 Modules

    Systems Ruby

    A course about the interface between code and the computer operating system. Manage OS processes, communicate across processes, perform advanced I/O, manage files, and more... in Ruby!
  • 10 Modules

    The Freebies

    Curious what kind of content you'll find on Graceful.Dev? Think of this course as a sampler platter! Here you'll find all the episodes/topics we've freed up over the years in one convenient place, all free to watch and read. Enjoy!

  • 5 Modules

    The Full-Circle Developer

    The key to graceful development is healthy feedback loops. In this course you'll learn to seek out and/or create better feedback loops at every scope of the development process.

  • 8 Modules

    The Graceful Toolshed

    Tips, tricks, and tools for a making your coding environment productive and comfortable!

  • 5 Modules

    The Ruby Railyard

    A guided tour through our Rails-specific topics.
  • 2 Modules

    The Stumpery

    Welcome to the Graceful.Dev junk drawer, where we keep stuff that doesn't fit anywhere else...
  • 13 Modules

    The Tapastry

    A smorgasbord of every topic-focused video and article we've published so far, including the entire RubyTapas episode archive. It's a tapestry of tapas.
  • 5 Modules

    Utility Ruby

    Ruby has a secret hobby: acting as the perfect glue language for all kinds of utility work. Learn about Ruby's rich features for munging data and connecting command-line tools together in as little as a single line of code.
  • 4 Modules

    Valued Ruby

    Create safe, sturdy code by modeling domain attributes as rich value objects.

  • 4 Modules

    Working Ruby

    Putting it all together: Learn actionable practices and perspectives for the holistic practice of iterative development... by example!